Hedge Funds in Orange County, California

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    Anyone know where I can get a list of at least a few hedge funds in Orange County, California.

    If a list is hard to come by. is there some other way for me to find hedge funds in Orange County?

  2. Some of the major, institutional-caliber sources for hedge fund, CTA and managed futures data:

    Managed Account Reports

    Barclay Trading Group

    D.B. Stark & Co.



    Some of those have lots of free info on their website, offer free trials or will be happy to send / email you a sample issue. Even if you are not necessarily an "accredited investor" (yet). :) Or you could even try asking them for exactly what you need, since you are not seeking their proprietary performance data / analyses. You could also check if your local business school library has a subscription to any of them.

    Depending on the rationale behind your search, another, very easy option would be to look up the annual "Nelson's Directory of Investment Managers". 3 huge green volumes, incl. a geographical index, or CDs. That covers about 2,000 institutional managers, including many of the larger or somewhat established hedge funds. Most public libraries have it in their reference section, and copies a few years old are often available on Amazon.
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    Best is Linkedin I guess, since usually hedge funds are not registered, but bigger ones are RIAs and probably SEC has the best databse for different demographics. depdning on the purpose of the search it may vary which source to use.
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