Hedge funds famous for technical trading?

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  1. Does anybody have a list of hedge funds that are famous for technical trading? It seems that most of these hedge funds are fundamental by looking at their websites.
  2. no such thing since the 1980's--- the ability to test strategies via PC's has resulted in TA being dismissed as an edge producing tactic.

    Hedge funds don't use TA-- and if they do, they go under fast--

  3. Is it the size of the position they need to take on that makes TA worthless? I thought hedge funds dominated the swing trading business. I don't know if most of those guys trade the news.
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    Probably that's why they can't beat the market. :)
  5. Probably that's why they can't beat the market.
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    LOL. What an amazing response there to the BS that marketsurfer spawns on these threads.

    OP - You are correct Hedge Funds typically are not TA guys. Rather, CTAs are famous for technical trading. Tens of billions of dollars are being managed by CTAs using technical trading system.
  7. Are you referring to commodity trading advisors?
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  9. Looks like HFT and the other changes in the marketplace put the hurting on him and the other trend folowing CTAs this year-- -- feel bad for any new investors from here on out...

  10. So are double tops, double bottoms, rectangles, triangles, and wedges no longer profitable? According to my TA Book from 2011 they are very profitable. Many types are said to have over a 2-1 Profit Factor.
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