Hedge Funds Eat Their Young.......

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  1. Sounds opportunistic to me.

    It also provides a wonderful service to mom and pop. They get cheap stock if the want it!
  2. Seriously, what should they be doing, helping prop up stocks of other funds? I bet flytiger probably overpays his taxes for the good of the country also.

    This isn't them acting like scum, this is them being smart and trying to gain an advantage which is their entire point of existence.

    This is really what we're all doing, the game just appears different when you're operating on different scales.
  3. AAA30


  4. I would like to know where is this GS MVP list? Is this in the public domain?
  5. sure if you have about 20 million to invest, then u may get a quick peek, one name if you are lucky

    another 20mm might get u the "2nd business day" delivery:D
  6. Do you folks have an education? Do you understand satire? The object of the post is same concept as the brokers screwing the hedgefunds who then screwed the brokers who are now screwing the hedgefunds, who are now screwing the hedgefunds.

    This is every adage and parable ever listed. "Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas'. "you bit me....... "you knew I was a snake."

    Sometimes I wonder about you guys. The world is collapsing around you. I get calls from Street guys every day. A major just wiped out its fixed income, who sat next to equity. Now equity is worried. You're watching a piece of history, but to get its significance, I think you're going to have to read it in a Playboy interview in about five years.
  7. Very nice article. It is precisely the case. The market is a bunch of predators trying to eat each other up. They know the positions of each other and they can easily screw each other up. As long as position information is public, this is what will happen. Same goes for day traders and swing traders. Don't think you guys are anonymous. If your building a huge position and if there isn't a real buyer/seller besides you, then say good bye to yourself.
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