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    Greetings! just wanted to get some comments on a few alternative investment groups/ funds that are being marketed to me your comments on them will be much appreciated.

    1) Market Wizards - Jack Swagger/ global fund analysis advisors

    2) Man Investment products - Man Group plc. particularly the AHL and Multi- Strategy Guaranteed funds

    3) Aspect Capital - Multi-aspect fund

    4) Noble Investments

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    This link was posted by Bob777 on another thread, it is well worth the time it takes to read.


    This last weekends Barrons had a list of Hedge Funds and their 1 and 3 year returns. It does not take much in depth research to see that over three years the returns are nothing to brag about.

    If I were going to let someone else actively manage my money I would limit it to 5% of my investable capital. You just never know when your money may end up on some girls arm or in Haiti.

    Best of Luck
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    Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond i definitely will consider what you said. ciao!
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    I also checked the Barrons for the funds you mentioned, I could not find any of them in the listing. Not that that is good or bad as I think this is a self-reporting group as opposed to SEC regulated open and closed end funds.

    Good Luck
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    Hmmm thats interesting i was under the impression that Man investment products would have a fund listed there since they are the largest hedgefund group in the world ($21B under management) oh well i know these products are not regulated just surprised that Man would not have a fund in there. Thanks once again.:)
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    Under the section Fund of Funds there is a

    Man-Glenwood Multi Strategy Fund

    3Q Return was (-3.46%)
    1 Yr Return was (-1.93%)
    3 Yr Return was (24.93%)

    Under Commodity Funds

    Man-Vector Ltd. (Edge)

    3Q was (9.7%)
    1 Yr was (-7.74%)
    3Yr was (-12.27%)

    Sorry, I did not look in these sections on my first pass.
  7. caspian


    Man oh Man what returns anyway i think those 2 are there worst performing funds . Thanks again you were a big help!:)