Hedge Funds at $700 Billion

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  1. In 2003, hedge-funds drew in 4 times the amount of fresh capital than in any other year recorded for the Hedge Fund Industry with a total of $16 billion dollars going into the funds for the year.

    Clients continue to seek a division of Alpha and Beta.

    Back in 1954, the equity mutual fund business had $400 million in assets. Today, it has roughly $7 Trillion.
  2. Hedge Fund Assets are now around $700 billion.

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    where'd you get the info, respectfully?:)
  4. The above figures come from a friend of mine that is a senior partner at First Quadrant in Pasadena, CA.

    They manage $23 billion in tactical asset-allocation.

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    there is probably significantly more in the industry. many funds refuse to be listed anywhere. usually big boys.
  6. 7,000 Funds and $700 Billion in Assets:

    Long/Short Equity

    Event Driven - M/A

    Global Macro

    Most likely will see a re-allocation out of the U.S. markets and into overseas markets in Global Macro.