Hedge funds and charities

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  1. What's your preferred charity program?

    Do you have any charity program recommended on your web site?

    " Hedge Funds Give Back to Charities Bigtime

    Wealthy hedge fund managers would rather choose their own charity than have their millions taxed to a build a bridge to nowhere. "


    " Hedge Fund Manager Devotes Part of its Fees to Charity
    New Hedge Fund launched for a charitable cause"

  2. 1) The Nazzdack Charitable Trust. :cool:
    2) It can attract some positive publicity towards a despised group. :)
    3) Bernie Madoff did similar things. :eek:
  3. 501 (c) (3)'s that work with vets and their families where PTSD has happened.

    Families need about 15K a month so they can devote 50% to treatment.

    There are about 1 million living vets who need help.