Hedge Funder Buys Palm Beach Spec Home for Nearly $6M

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    Hedge Funder Buys Palm Beach Spec Home for Nearly $6M (The Real Deal)
    The co-founder of a New York-based investment firm paid $5.5 million for a newly built spec home in Palm Beach. Records show Scott Goodwin and his wife, Kimberly, bought the home at 232 Bahama Lane from 232 Bahama Lane, LLC, a Florida company that links to Nannette Gammon of The Ecclestone Organization. Scott Goodwin is the co-founder and managing partner of Diameter Capital Partners. Before founding Diameter, Goodwin was a portfolio manager and the global head of trading at Anchorage Capital Group, according to a bio for Credit Suisse’s 2019 America’s Credit Forum.
  2. And I bet DG was there for the welcome party! :D

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  3. Evidently for the hors d'oeuvres. That's what my gut tells me. :D

    For all the animosity that existed between us here at ET, I hope he's doing okay.
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    Yes, he's expanded his fine collection of fake Swiss time pieces.
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  5. That badboy invented the pink dress shirt! :D
  6. I also read the same piece of article on The Real Deal. Got to know that the developer demolished the existing home to build the new one.