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  1. Anyone interested in starting one?

    Colorado in 2007.

    Looking for a partner or partners with experience and the desire to own and operate one.
  2. Terminus


    I would be interested in talking.
  3. moneyfx


    Do u need trader ?

    I am intersted to trading for a hedge fund.
    I can trade forex,futures and cfds.
  4. if i can help out let me know.. business set-up, analysis, risk, sales/marketing.. london.
  5. Terminus


    I am currently a trader for a private hedge fund looking to start a global "registered fund" and need to advice.

    Is this your field?
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    What do you mean "registered fund"? Do you mean a fund registered with the SEC (which is optional). Maybe you mean a mutual fund registered in the Cayman Islands/British Virgin Island, these trade excempt from US Taxes (most common form of offshore hedgefund).

    Or pehaps you just want to incorporate a hedge fund in the USA, which you can do easily in Delaware.

  7. Terminus


    I am looking to able to take outside capital from accrediated investors.

    I want it to me offshore I guess?
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    You will first have to determine where you want to incorporate your hedge fund. If you will only be taking capital from non-USA investors then you are better off incorporating in the Cayman Islands or one of the other Caribbean islands, however if you want investors from the US, then it would be a good idea to incorporate in the US (many US funds are incorporated in Delaware State). Keep in mind that if you are accepting US investors you will have to comply with US tax laws and therefore it would be a good idea to get an accounting firm to do your taxes.

    Once you have determined where you want to station your fund then your next step is to get a Hedge Fund lawyer familiar with the laws of that nation/island. The lawyer should be able to do the incorporation paper work, offering memorandum/prospectus, and register your fund with the local financial authority.

    If you plan to have both US and non-US investors you will most likely want to setup a master-feeder structured fund.

    This usually consists of 4 different entities.
    1. The management company - (usually incorporated in the US, consists of the portfolio managers/traders - you)
    2. The Master fund - The level at which fees are collected and performance track record is computed.
    3. (Onshore feeder fund) - Incorporated in the US for US investors
    4. (Offshore feeder fund) - Incorporated outside of the US only for foreign investors.

  9. if your investors, US or not, are smart enough to have offshore accts already, so that they are not tied down to moronic onshore tax & regulatory systems, and you want to get started trading your fund within a few weeks from sign-off instead of 6-9mths, PM me with a short description of your trading record...
  10. Are you going to register it by your own money or you need a partner for it?
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