Hedge Fund TV?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by sharp10, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. sharp10


    Did I hear right?
    TV show about an Hedge Fund?
    And where?
  2. sharp10


    Never mind.
  3. You heard correctly. Donald Trump and Mark Burnett are developing a concept similar to the Apprentice Show where a group of MBA-types will trade investment accounts week-by-week with different types of "constraints"; i.e. long-only, short-only, industry-specific only, futures-only, country-specific et al. The one who loses the least will get a big-money allocation from Donald and a chance to bang his daughter.
  4. They should have some 1920s style telephone and some red letters on screen MARGIN CALL!!!!!!!!!!

    Then Trump on the phone "YOU'RE FIRED"
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  6. hah i'm watching it now....couple of notes..

    1) whenever they're showing managers talking about/buying stocks they bleep out the ticker

    2) one part of the show it zooms in the screen of the hedgefund manager for a split second, so i paused it on the dvr...the top client of the hedgefund is only 31k and is up 43%, typical popular stocks on his list then funny thing i noticed some pos stocks on there i've traded a zillion times WHAIE, LRLSQ...thank god for dvrs :)