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  1. I just heard on CNBC about the Hedge Fund Documentary that is coming up on TV, but I didn't catch the time or the channel, anyone know?
  2. NDHD or something along those line. . . kernen was saying how no one in the studio got that channel and no one was going to watch. .

    I think I heard that the channel had something to do with a HDTV network . . I don't know.
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    did anyone see this and is there any way to access it?
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  5. So this channel is only available for cable subscribers with HD setup? No way to see it on DirecTV then?
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    Not sure. I've had Comcast and Cox HD service and they both carry it.
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    Bloomberg/Hedge Fund Net reports: HBO is developing a show starring a fictional hedge fund trader, Variety reported.

    The cable network is letting Entourage creator Doug Ellin pitch a comedy series involving a 40-something hedge fund trader. The report called the project now in pilot production part of an overall development deal Ellin has with HBO. Ellin and producer Stephen Levinson hit on the idea for the show after realizing both grew up with people who now work on Wall Street.

    "I wanted to do a show that dealt with men making an obsessive amount of money at a young age," Ellin told Variety.

    Ellin said the show will deal with more "grown up" subject matter, like marriage, getting older and working in the business world. Ellin also said the script for the pilot is based on real life.

  8. Same guy who made Entourage? I gotta say that's a great show. Have there been any episodes yet?
  9. I saw the Wall Street Warrior program last night on Time Warner HD. I think it is a series. Wasn't just about hedge funds. They had a day trader who hasn't had a losing month since 1999 for instance.

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