Hedge Fund Trends 2010--Where's the Money?

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    As the hedge fund industry stabilizes, we expect investors to become more active. 2010 should be a prosperous year for alternative investments. The managers and investors who survived 2008 and 2009 are the cream of the crop, providing third party marketers and capital introduction firms with a vast array of opportunity. As hedge funds go, so goes the capital introduction industry.
    In that mode of thought, transparency and risk management are the popular trends. I would expect new regulations to affect how third party marketers and capital introduction teams are able to conduct business. But this change is not to be feared, but rather embraced. If we can work with regulators to legitimize the industry and overcome the scandalous actions of a select few, I am all for it. This will be a major theme ongoing.
    I expect institutional investors to be more receptive to newer managers, fee structures to remain stable, and foreign investors to invest more in the US and vice versa. Europe should lose market share to Asia, and new markets will open up as countries move from developing markets to developed markets. Proprietary trading and hedge funds owned by large US banks will most likely weaken or disappear under the current administration and, more importantly, current US economy

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    So you believe in more regulations of the hedge fund space?
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