Hedge Fund Top 100 Ranking: JPM snags #1 spot from GS

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  1. Also interesting to see that Renaissance Technologies Corp's Medallion Fund returned another 44% net of fees (which IIRC are 5/44) in 2006.

    (Click the respective fund name for performance of the manager's sub-funds if available)
  2. was suprised ...none in south florida
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    If 44% is after fee ,that before fees would
    approx 86.27% on capital 3.221 bil $ in one year

    for Medallion only fund

    For this capital that is record .

    6 26 Renaissance Technologies Corp. East Setauket, NY 26,000 —

    Fund Name Fund Capital ($ millions) Return net of fees (%)
    Renaissance Equity Institutional Fund 20,000 21%
    Medallion 6,000 44%


    Medallion Fund has averaged 37% annual returns, after fees, since 1989
    Because it is so successful, it charges a 5% management fee and a 44% incentive fee


    Consider his performance over the past decade. Since its inception in March 1988, Simons' flagship $ 3.3 billion Medallion fund, has amassed annual returns of 35.6 percent, compared with 17.9 percent for the Standard & Poor's 500 index. For the 11 full years ended December 1999, Medallion's cumulative returns are an eye-popping 2,478.6 percent (see graph, page 47). Among all offshore funds over that same period, according to the database run by veteran hedge fund observer Antoine Bernheim, the next-best performer was Soros' Quantum Fund, with a 1,710.1 percent return. Simons is No. 1, says Bernheim. Ahead of George Soros. Ahead of Mark Kingdon. Ahead of Bruce Kovner. Ahead of Monroe Trout. Jim Simons is without question one of the really brilliant people working in this business, says quantitative trading star David Shaw, chairman of D.E. Shaw, which boasts returns above 50 percent this year.

    A RUSSIAN BOY orphaned by the murder-suicide of his parents gained a little solace yesterday when Suffolk authorities placed him with a couple who have a child his age. Arthur Astashkevich, 6, had faced the prospect of returning to Russia and living with kin he hardly knew. Instead, child advocates and authorities meeting behind closed doors in Suffolk Family Court said they had agreed to give temporary custody of the boy to another Russian couple. The husband had worked with Arthur's father. Dorothy Courten, an attorney representing the couple, noted they have a child who knows Arthur from private school, play dates and tennis lessons. "They were close friends of the family," Courten said. In accordance with the couple's wishes, the Daily News is withholding their names. The boy was home Monday when his father, Alexander Astashkevich, 37 - a renowned mathematician who left his professor's job in California to take a high-paying corporate job on Long Island - shot his estranged wife, Olga Sadikova, 31, to death in her Port Jefferson home. After calling 911, he turned the shotgun on himself. Before killing himself, he left the phone on a table and the boy picked it up and spoke with the 911 dispatcher, The child hid in the bathroom talking on the cell phone with the dispatcher until Suffolk cops arrived. Yesterday, the dispatcher, Joseph Wixted, 39, described how the excited father called and said he was going to kill himself. "He told me he had shot his wife three times," Wixted recalled. "I tried to keep him on the line, and he said he was going to kill himself." Moments later, little Arthur got on the phone and said he couldn't leave the house because his mother's body was blocking the door. "He had seen the actual shooting, and at that point I just told him to go to the bathroom and lock the door," said Wixted, a probie just four months on the job who has two young children of his own. "He said he was 6 1/2, and right then and there I knew I had to get his mind off it. He knew Mommy had been shot." For 25 to 30 minutes, Wixted sought to reassure the frightened child. "I asked what PlayStation games he liked, what subjects he liked in school," Wixted said. "He said he liked math." Not that the conversation always flowed easily. "You have already asked me that question," the boy snapped when a subject was brought up a second time. Finally, Wixted could hear cops smashing in the bathroom door and rescuing the child.

    Astashkevich’s boss, hedge-fund mogul Jim Simons, said his employee “was quite well off” but added, “I think money was an issue between them.

    “He was estranged from his wife, and obviously under some kind of terrible strain,” said Simons, the head of Renaissance Technologies, where Astashkevich worked as a researcher.

    “He seemed like a good father … He seemed like a loving parent. But obviously, something terrible happened.”

    Simons said Astashkevich received his Ph.D. in mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Astashkevich lived in a one-bedroom, luxury pad near his family so that he could still see his son, one neighbor said.

    “He was a very friendly guy. He didn’t seem like he had any problems,” the neighbor said. </i>
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    UNIX programmer received by Rentec from 125000$ untill
    250000$ per year .

    That is high ,but Rentec (both funds ,not only Medallion) have
    only 260 empl.

    Eml. expence can be in range 200 mln $ for both funds

    All another -payement of Mr. J.Simonis
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    Alexander Astashkevich, 37 - a renowned mathematician who left his professor's job in California to take a high-paying corporate job on Long Island - shot his estranged wife, Olga Sadikova, 31

    This is possible russian jews ,as Mr. Simonis is jews
    (or ?)

    But exist russian jews mathematican better -
    Grigorij Pereleman ( A.Puankare enigma solution )

    This possible under influence of French/ Russian cultur -

    avoided payement 1 mln$ from Clay institut

    Leo Tolstoj was asked about Nobel price for he'm .He
    answered - " Good ,that not received . What would i make
    with money ? "
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    thats market rate for trading systems, not high or low.
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    thats market rate for trading systems, not high or low.

    Was not enough for Artur Astaschkewitsch and he's wife
    as through Simonis "... Money was possible ground"
  10. there are very few hedge funds >50m in South Florida
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