hedge fund takes gas

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    Yep they took it up the wazzoooooo. What a bunch of fucking loosers and these guys are supposed to be professionals.

    Fucking morons.
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    high fees

    "t some hedge funds, expenses can comprise a big chunk of the overall cost of investing. In 2003, for instance, Amaranth Advisors of Greenwich, Conn., logged charges on its Amaranth Partners fund of about 1.4% of net assets for "bonus compensation to designated traders" and about 2.3% for "operating expenses." Although Amaranth does not have a traditional management fee, the filing reveals that when an investor's account shows a net profit over the previous 12 months, the manager is entitled to a "management allocation of income" of up to 1.5% of each member's account balance per year. The manager also receives a 20% cut of each investor's net profits. This 20% is reduced by the amount paid to the traders, as well as by the amount of the operating expenses. If the fund is losing money, investors remain on the hook -- certainly for the operating expenses and possibly for any trader bonuses, too."
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  5. Should be a "negative" bonus for those hotshots that ran this fund into the ground with nat gas double-downs on losing trades!

    And what horrendous losing trades they must have been too! Down 30+% ytd, AFTER being UP 20% or whatever?

    They ever hear of stops?...
  6. stops are useless - all they do is provide liquidity to markets.
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    "Amaranth, a big hedge fund, says it suffered huge losses last week on bad bets on natural gas trading."

    I like the way they call it BETS instead of INVESTING....
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    they call it a bet when they have no idea of what is going on and how to handle the trade, to much hope, when you have to much money.:eek:
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    doesn't 'hedge' imply small loss with potential for large gain?
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    the meanings of words change over time. hedge is a perfect example.
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