Hedge Fund suicide Watch

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  1. It will only be a matter of time...one at a time, take a number, please.

    There is enough on the plate for one day today, but as soon as today is digested and 'dealt with', no doubt some compromised HF's will begin to 'get the call', along with the word getting out, with comensurate market-shooting-against-them price-action.

    Ooh, yet another form of PA.

    Give it a day or two, certainly before the week is out.

    Energy-related HF's come to mind...Amaranth redux?! Financial-focused HF's??

    Also, now that LBH has been dispatched, the 'Federalies' are now available to 'handle' WM.

    As WB sez, nudist beach on WS.

    How to game the Fed? Do they cut before cleaning out some HF's, and 'spare the rod', or after?

    While I have thought that a cut is in store for this go-round, with the sentiment today, makes me think they may so some more 'stable-cleaning', while they are in the neighborhood.
  2. What???
    Can't undestand anything?

    Please stop smoking it, or at least pass some...

  3. mxjones


    I think the OP is using some kind of code talk to call for the invasion of a foreign country.
  4. I think what he is trying to say is, it ain't over till it's over.

  5. really profound comment