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    I wonder if anyone knows the tools hedge funds use to create automated trading strategies based on technical analysis (TradeStation???) and how complex these strategies are.
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    looks like you have tried a lot of mokeys...
  4. lol, I am not discouraged, because every failed attempt is on step closer to success.
  5. Yes. First, they get rid of technical analysis. Then they create the automated system.

    What, you though they huddled together, programming moving averages and MACDs??? I worked for two investment banks. They did not sit around the tables, plotting the length of RSI to use...
  6. What did they do then TZ ?
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    cool...but can you please give us some more details on the methods they used?
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    These programs are far simpler than the average investor/trader thinks (KISS comes to mind).

    C++ and PHD needed (I have heard)
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    Before you read this I currently do not program trade.

    Without being selfish I want to keep my program buying/selling to myself

    Equity could be:
    You could use a large one day move and trade the other way if you can program this (not TS) I know this is used but do not trade equity so back test it and good luck
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    thanks....keeping it simple is good and c++ is great...but I wonder if anyone has any concrete idea of what technical analysis strategies they use...
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