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    I have a hedge fund shell for sale. It is for a long/short US opportunity fund, can do options, privates. I paid $35k to develop it back in early 2000, legal docs created by top firm: Paul Hastings, Janofsky & Walker. Their name is listed as legal counsel on the PPM.

    1 and 20 fund, Delaware LLC, CA LP.

    Ready to start with the right person(s). Changes can be made to the fund with the attorneys. Fund docs good for 30 years.

    Looking for a buyer or other potential strategies to capitalize on the docs. Although I prefer an outright sale.

    Email me or call with legitimate offers/proposals.


  2. How does that relate to your other post. Are you trying to change states? Exchange? Or is this just a bit shady :confused:

    "Hello, I am looking for a clean FINRA Broker/Dealer shell with permissions to do private placements. Registration in any state is OK.

    Do you know of any brokerage firms, RIA's/independent shops looking to sell their FINRA Broker/Dealer shell? Please contact me with any candidates.

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    These are two different things. One is a hedge fund shell for sale, the other is a request to buy a broker/dealer shell. Two different entities, a hedge fund and a broker/dealer are not the same.

    Please don't jump to conclusions.
  4. Good Morning Sir,

    I am interested in the Hedge Fund Shell, but first I need to know some details regarding the entity.

    1) Is it Public or Private?

    2) Is it Onshore or Offshore?

    3) Is it an Operating Shell or a Shelf Shell?

    4) Does it have an Operating History?

    5) Has it ever been Under Administration?.

    6) What are the Advantages Of a 10 year Sell?

    7) What are the Disadvantages (if any) Compared to New Start-Up Hedge Fund?

    Please contact me via email @ SirRodCA@aol.com and/or by phone @ (+01) 510-655-4966. Best time is 7am-9am & 11am-1pm & 3pm-7pm (PST) (GMT--8hrs). I can also be found on Facebook / Oakland, California.

    Thank You for your time and attention and I Look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


    Rod Harrell @ SirRodCA@aol.com @ (+01) 510-655-4966 (PST) (GMT--8hrs).

    549 - 66th Street,

    Oakland, CA. 94609-1117