Hedge Fund Set Up Assistance/Recommendations

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by eganbailey, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. I need some feed back/ assistance/ recommendations for a set up a new equity hedge fund.
    The parent is based in Europe.
    There may be 2 structures..
    1) the Offshore Fund(OF)(cayman, delaware) and the related Offshore Company (OC)
    2) XXX Capital New York
    I believe the relationship with these 2 OC as manager and XXX Capital NY as submanager for tax issues.
    But of course this structure may be changed upon recommendations.
    Some other issues
    1) when establishing OF and OC, there needs to be a structure for US persons to invest? Is this a big headache SEC regulatory wise or easy?
    2) What is the best set up for XXX Capital NY fully paid LLC, Rep Office, or Agency Aggreement? The capital requirement for all 3 alternatives, regulatory issues and tax liabilities..
    3) Best Location for set up in NY metro area( may be CT tax advantage?), initial set up costs(rent, IT cost, additional HR etc)
    4) who do we need hire for admin works? (such as salaries, accounting, auidt, payments, regulatory compliance issues wtc)
    or this can be done by outsourcing etc?
    At first stage the seed money will be small such as 10 milUSD and there will be no need for trading staff, the only need is on the admin side..
    Thank you for your assistance in advance,