Hedge fund seeking strategy

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by hedgefund07, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. I though "T" did a number on you?

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  2. Like what?
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  3. nitro


    Good morning HAL.

    No, Model-T is old hat. This model is new, and viable.

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  4. Great to hear, good luck with it.
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  5. nitro



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  6. timcar


    Confused on the original question. Not trying to "FLAME" hedgefund guy but are you looking for:

    1. Trader with a system to sell you OR

    2. Traders for you to hire who would trade the firm's capital.
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  7. Definitely not a "flame". We are looking to either license the strategy from the trader or bring them on board as a sub account manager. Thank You.

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  8. Why not post this under your usual ET name?
    That way, people could know who they're dealing with... as opposed to giving away strategies to a nameless ghost, and hoping he keeps his end of the deal.
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  9. We do not want to disclose the name of our fund on a public board. We will obviously disclose it to anyone that we are dealing with.

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