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  1. We are a medium sized hedge fund seeking an intraday stock trading strategy. Our current strategies are all intermediate term and we are looking to diversify into some shorter term trading for a portion of our fund. This is not our expertise. The strategy MUST have the following characteristics:

    1. Scalable to $5M
    2. Trades equities
    3. Real, provable trading results (not backtested results)
    4. Ability to be 100% programmed to a black box

    We will offer the following:

    1. Non Disclosure Agreement
    2. Percentage of profits
    3. Ability to establish a track record

    If you are interested, please send the following:

    1. A description of your strategy. Obviously this will not include your actual system, but should include what its based on.
    2. Any documentation of results.

    I’m sure some people will flame this post because they feel its either complete BS or a hedge funds trying to steal someone’s trading ideas. If you feel this post is BS, please do not respond to it. We are not trying to steal anyone’s ideas. We are actually looking to partner up with an individual that has a good system who lacks capital or is just trying to take thier trading to the next level.

    If you are interested, please send an email with the items listed above to spam.
    Thank You.
  2. 1/What is the name of the hedge fund?
    2/How much money do you have under management?
    3/How long have you been profitable ?
    4/How much will you pay for the strategy ?
  3. Hombre,

    Thank you for your interest. We would prefer to correspond by email. Our email is spam.Thank You

  4. Webmail address for a mid-market hedge fund. Classy!
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    Too funny

    :D nitro :D
  6. Hey you never know....maybe it's bear stearns(yeah right).....looks like they could use the help :)
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    The right way to approach this is to say who you are and to be willing to meet in person.

    I have a model that perfectly fits the description of what the poster wants, but I wouldn't dream of doing business with someone I haven't met face to face.

  8. i agree, its an odd post. however, one never knows-----its worth a shot, if you need capital and have an edge.

    stranger things by far have happened on elite trader.

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    This thread should be titled "How to steal a trading system from a well-intentioned moron"

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