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  1. Most of you guys have heard about traders from ex. the market wizards collection..

    Many of those are running hedgefunds, But how is their performance been the last years..

    for exampl..

    Bruce kovners Caxton funds
    Paul Tudor jones futures funds.. Larry Hite's fund.. etc..

    Have searched, but didnt find any info of how their funds av been doing lately.. since 2000+..

    thanks for info..comments..
  2. ggoyal


    like you experienced, its going to be virtually impossible to find info on funds. Only way you will is if someone who knows someone who works at the fund posts info. or someone who got fired.
  3. Barron's has some info on Caxton I think. Single digit returns, low volatility... not like it used to be.

    You won't find anything on Citadel, SAC, etc... unless you read Trader Monthly - they estimate a traders take home based on some numbers they scrounged up at the end of every year.