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  1. fortuna


    hi everybody

    I am launching a hedge fund , and struggling to find a name

    If anyone could give me some help

    It is a long and short equity hedge fund, based on global stocks.

    The specificity is a long convexity option strategy (long medium term low delta option to protect the fund from rare events and to benefit from them : crash, buyout etc...)

    Intensive intraday trading is financing these long option positions.

    The name should make you think about trading, volatility, liquidity, security, innovation.

    Thanks to everybody
  2. 'Get Stretched'
  3. Procrustes Capital
  4. What about <b>Cambrure Capital</b> - it says you are french... something of a french name might go better than a technical term (but in this case, it still mean convexity but in french) . Most of the best funds have no terminology in their names. Only references to places, things, states of mind, etc.... avoid terminology unless you want to be known as a provider of a data service or some outsourced technology provider for the hedge fund industry.
  5. fortuna


    i am long volatility not short
  6. LeeD


    What about Turbo-Charged Money Sink LLC?
  7. fortuna


    well no ideas
  8. LeeD


    Lots of funds are called after a street or a place. Just pick your favourite.

    Or after founders. If you are not comfortable with your name sticking out you can make an acronym from the initials.
  9. Mis-fortuna Capital?
  10. I just sent you a PM.
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