Hedge Fund Material?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by KS2007, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. KS2007


    Ok I asked this question in another thread but I figured I might as well start a thread and ask it...

    ok would an automated system that averages 20% per year over ten years where the maximum drawdown was 16% be attractive to hedge fund investors?
  2. a mere backtesting wont raise any eyebrows
  3. KS2007


    no...real results...with money
  4. NTB


    Audited? Verifiable? The answer is yes if it is true. However, if it's just a leveraged long equity strategy, while somewhat marketable, it is not of that much interest.
  5. KS2007


    how exactly does that work...wouldn't it provide the same returns whether or not it is long term equity or not? if the returns are there and the risk is limited i wouldn't think it would make a difference.
  6. Bowgett


    With 20%/year you can borrow $1m and have for yourself $150K/year. Why bother selling?
  7. KS2007


    I don't really think trading borrowed money is a great idea. If for whatever reason something happens...you're f*****.
  8. from my point of view the main question is: How an average self-employed trader who trade own money can borrow 1 mil?