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Discussion in 'Trading' started by marketsurfer, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. greetings,

    i am considering releasing "do it yourself" hedge fund software. this software would include the complete "confidential private placement memorandum", " the limited liability company agreement", and the "subscription agreements". it will be basically fill in the blanks with your info. having a law firm draft this for you can cost in excess of $50,000.00 . the software will cost a small fraction of the cost of having legal counsel draft the papers from scratch. is there any interest ??

  2. Vishnu


    the problem is that most lawfirms i've spoken to insist on doing this paperwork. Plus if you have an offshore vehicle its sufficiently complicated that you have to splurge on the firm. Heck, if I could've avoided a lawfirm i would've.

  3. law firms generally work on an hourly basis. with my software you could have avoided paying a firm to draft the papers. you are right about the offshore vehicle. my software is for domestic funds only. most any firm would be pleased to review a "boiler plate" private placement memorandum, particularly if you use them as counsel for the already created fund.


  4. Foz


    Speaking of hedge fund software...

    I'm not interested in software for setting up the hedge fund, but I am interested in software for doing hedge fund accounting -- calculating fees, allocating profits and losses, automatically emailing results to investors, doing K-1's, and financial statement reporting. Right now I've got a kludge of Quickbooks, Turbotax, and Excel spreadsheets.

  5. having a reputable auditing firm is critical. it's not a do it yourself endeavour in these times.