Hedge Fund Managers who smoke pot

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by psytrade, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Surdo


  2. You gotta be on crack to think you can smoke pot and trade.
  3. mike007


    it helps the prices go by slowwwer. You can see them better and calms you down when trading.
  4. bxptone


    No, you gotta be on crack to post 5000 times in a year on an INTERNET FORUM. Pretty sad.
  5. NoDoji


    420 - LMAO!

    Actually, I enjoy buying and selling POT. Gotta get a bite to eat now :p
  6. The smoker you drink the player you get.

    Who said that? I remember it from high school.
  7. Think that's bad, you outta see me in my free time.:D
  8. you're old as hell. that's from a 1973 music album.
  9. That was before my time. What artist was it?

    I just remember stoners saying it.
    #10     Oct 17, 2008