Hedge Fund Manager Hugh Hendry Bets on Deflation With U.K. War Loans

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Daal, Dec 1, 2008.

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  3. Roubini takes a backseat to this guy. He's Jimmy Rogers before Rogers got senile.

    I urge everyone to do a google search of this guy and read and listen to everything he's done. Pay particular attention to his 2003 Barron's interview.

    Brilliant stuff.
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    rogers is senile? no hard feelings. you should be blessed with 1/10th of his analytical ability. "roubini takes a back seat to this guy." how do u come up with these conclusions?
  5. I agree that this guy is good value.
    However wasn't he recently telling us about a "smart" trade he was doing selling 30s against 5s or 10s against 2s? Ouch!!!
    & now he thinks the even longer maturities are a BUY???
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    hes sorta right. roubini at least realizes you can't let the system collapse, hes got big enough balls to admit to himself that the free market is not perfect. while rogers still believes in Santa
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    the reality is that the free market while not perfect is nearly perfect. it was the partnership between wall street, the mortgage industry and the government that has led to this debacle. the partnership with the government is not free markets.