Hedge Fund Manager? A question

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by fritos65, Nov 16, 2011.

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    To all who are full time or mostly full time traders, is it your ultimate goal to start a hedge fund or the like?

  2. No.
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    Yes, and I did but I converted from a CPO to a CTA to get my life back. Taking custody of someone else's money is an incredible responsibility.
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    Even though you didn't ask this, but I will tell you. My ultimate goal is to be rich, very rich. Doesn't matter if I become so running a personal account or running OPM. One big advantage of not running OPM is you can remain fairly anonymous and don't have so many reporting/placating clients headaches.
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    Why is there less problems being a CTA than a CPO? The amount of money and responsibility are the same, correct? Are you now happier as a CTA?

    Thank you
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    Was going to ask the same.
  8. Any of the CTA's care to comment on the rumblings amongst client's keeping their money at FCM's with the MF Global debacle? Or, alternatively, are you guys pretty concerned about keeping/raising money in the future with this black eye to the industry?
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    The CTAs and HFs are going private.

    I have spoken to six CTAs this year who are going solo again.
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