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  1. Does anyone have a list of Hedge Funds in South Florida? I would even be willing to pay you if you can get access to the hedge fund websites that have lists or employment lists. Or, Institutional Investor magazine access, etc.
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    Everest Capital is a larger Global Macro/Distressed Debt hedge fund in Miami/Coral Gables area. There are a number of funds in around Boca Raton, Miami, Naples, and West Palm.

    I do not have a list. However, you may want to check out www.southeasternhfa.org. The association covers the Southeast including Florida and has an employment opportunities section

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    Here is a good one to look at, for it has program descriptions, monthly performance, statistics, and general account information, on a number of large and small hedge funds, ranked by your favorite method, all without filling out any information. It also has a disclosure document, if you fill out a form.


    If you need anything, feel free to always call AdvancedFutures with questions about our current projects.
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    Pull member lists from eurexchange.com or the cbot website and call every place on them for whatever jobs they are offering.

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  8. Anyone know of any hedge funds in the south jersey/philly area?? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. I dealt with everest capita based in bermuda and they were a big time fund, is that the same fund?
  10. Everest is run by Marko Dimitrejevic. Yes, they are a big time fund based in Florida. He's one of the smartest guys in the business although he's had his blowups.
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