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    What are the best sites to check out if you are looking for a job with a hedge fund, also is there a standard list of criteria that hedge fund job seekers have to meet in order to get hired.

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    Are the above designations the minimum academic requirement to be considered for a hedge fund??
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    Managing a hedge fund is a whole business. There are many different positions at a large hedge fund manager. Do you want to be a portfolio manager or securities analyst? An accountant? A trader? A compliance officer? A technologist? A programmer?

    I haven't seen many hedge fund jobs posted on websites (I haven't been looking much either, though.) I know a lot of hedge fund people come from mutual fund companies or investment banks. So you might try entering financial services through one of these. Headhunters in NY, Chicago, and Toronto are probably the best resource for hedge fund positions.
  4. does one really need good connections or the best

    prev exp ( work / school ) to work for the biggest hedge funds?
  5. It is a fact of life that most of these positions (quant front desk positions not back office) are filled through word-of-mouth. Supply of excellent candidates far exceeds demand.

    For junior positions most successful candidates nowadays usually are of "ivy league" calibre ie. raw talent is valued more than experience as they will want to train you their way.
    And yes: MBA, CFA, programming expertise do no harm in the initial getting your foot in the door.

    For the large name hedge funds it is often the case that _they_will come looking for you eg many professors have strong contacts with these funds and they already know the "stars". Also helps to be "visible" eg by having some research article published. And of course the A-type personality and achievements: captain of sports team, president of societies etc..

    That's the high probability route. I'm sure others will regale us with stories about high school dropouts and the like...

    For senior positions other factors come into play.
  6. with exp at MER and an mba from Yale might

    get a job if he has connections ?
  7. Hmm who is this Yale MBA person you have in mind?

    Anyway assuming his undergrad record was academically top-notch definitely it's a positive for getting his foot in the door for an "informal chat". The rest is down to you as they say.

    Got to understand that (as for all recruitment) it's all about minimizing risk, they are very conservative - so they are looking for confirmation that the kid has passed thro' various hoops as screened by other "good" institutions/ schools etc. They all want to part of the same club. Rightly or wronly they make an assessment of future performance based on prior success/achievements. A bit like TA actually... LOL

    For those already in the industry with 1 or 2 years eg analyst with bulge bracket firms, know that headhunters keep on spec a list of potential candidates that they can call whenever a suitable vacancy arises..

    But we digress since we do not know the background or seniority of the thread-starter and this may be going off at a tangent...

  8. if you have worked for Soros or PTJ (in whatever capacity) you will get a job most places...
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    *smile* Excellent! And like TA, "past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns". :)

    Btw, what is a "bulge" bracket firm, Running_bare? What does the bulge refer to? It sounds like people there need to go on a diet!
  10. I desperately need a secretary. Doubt this is what you have in mind.
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