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  1. Like everyone here, i dream of working for a hedge fund. My job search led me to this opp--- Does this make sense??

    Trader Training & Development ltd on behalf of its client (a UK based hedge fund), would like to announce opportunities for the "Hedge Fund Trader Incubation Program".

    Program Aim:
    In addition to continued success in the Investment Management Dept, the firm is also expanding its operations into Proprietary Trading. The firm is looking train futures traders (in cooperation with "Trader Training & Development ltd - Trader T&D) and eventually incubate future hedge fund managers. The Program is geared towards people who are seeking long term careers as a Prop Trader or Money Manager.

    Program Location:
    Students will be trained inside the hedge fund's trading floor, in a state of the art facility, from several hedge fund traders with multi-decade combined positive trading experience.

    Program Structure:
    The program will train and develop traders in a disciplined approach towards trading for long term success.
    • Phase 1: The traders will be taught core disciplines in "Technical Trading Strategies", "Fundamental Valuations", "Risk and money management", "Trader Psychology", along with proprietary trading methodologies. These aim to dramatically elevate trader potential. The program duration is 3 months.
    • Phase 2: Traders start "paper trading" on simulator software (real live prices). Their performance is monitored and guidance is provided to improve their P&L.
    • Phase 3 : Traders start trading "live" (actual funds)
    • Phase 4 : If Traders prove to be consistently profitable, they are will be advanced to manage firm assets.

    What to Expect:
    • Training Cost: No Training Fees are charged !!!
    • Professional Environment: Training inside a hedge fund trading floor.
    • Professional Training: Learning a skill from professional traders that you can utilize for the rest of your career.
    • Professional Development: On site traning, continued mentoring and support.
    • Professional Advancement: If the Trader proves consistently profitable, has the opportunity to be selected to be transfered to Investment Management Dept, and trade Hedge Fund assets (Phase 4).
    • Professional Advancement: If the Trader proves consistently profitable, has the opportunity to be selected to form his own trading team (Phase 4).
    • Professional Freedom: After advancing to a senior trader you will be your own boss (zero office politics).
    • Firm Assets: Initially you will be trading a mix of your own and firm assets to a ratio of 80% / 20% (Phase 3).

    Our Expectations:
    • New Focus: People ready to make a “career change” with a long term view.
    • Trading Focus: People wishing to switch to Hedge Fund Investment Management.
    • Trading Experience: Trading experience is not necessary.
    • Dedicated: Candidates willing to put in the time and effort necessary to succeed
    • Determination: Highly motivated applicants willing to devote to full time, professional trading.

    Conditions to apply
    • Location : The position is strictly for the UK
    • Financial Stability (Self-employed):
    Candidates should already have the financial stability to journey to a new career path.
    Position is (initially) on a non-salaried basis, and candidates should be able to support their own living expenses for a period of at least 6 - 9 months.
    • Financial Stability (semi/self funded):
    Initially (i.e. during Phase 3), Traders will be trading their own cash / portfolio
    (minimum £15,000). The firm may contribute another 20% to the Trader's assets.

    Program Updates
    In order to keep informed of new opportunities, or when the Program will be launched internationally, join the "Hedge Fund Trader Incubation Program"Contact Information
    Alex SpiEDIT EDIT EDIT @o****.com)
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    As they say they are not going to support your livelihood. Is that what you are looking for?
  3. Wasn't this same "job" posted on Trade2Win like last year?

    The whole board chewed them up & spit them out if I recall....
  4. hedge fund job my *ss, sounds like they want you to earn them commissions and maybe if you happen to start making money consistently hire you, but then everybody would want to hire you anyway.
  5. No, I just want a chance to break into hedge fund trading. I don't have an Ivy degree or other pedigree. I don't think there is another way for those of us without the inside track.

    I agree its risky, but there REALLY ARE NO OTHER ALTERNATIVES!!

    if you know of them , let me know, please.

  6. What other choice does an average bloke have? This is a shot at the bigtime of hedge fund trading, its a real fund with large AUM.

    Please let me know what you suggest!


  7. NO, this is simply not true. Every trader who thinks he can trade for a fund has a great track record, otherwise he wouldn't think he could. CONNECTIONS are the key, and this seems to me to be the way to get CONNEcted.

  8. Seems to be the trend amongst a bunch of "start-ups" good and bad lately... They get a bunch of people to work for free by trading their results or commissions in sales businesses, and I think in some cases this is just meant to fool outside mom & pop investors that they are investing in a self-sustaining business.

    Granted, in this economy, people aren't easily fooled, but given the yield in money market, etc. people may not realize that some of the people "working" in these start-ups are unpaid contractors waiting for a piece of bread to be thrown their way which is typical in some of these so-called hedge fund start-ups of late.

    In general you'd probably be better either starting such a business yourself on the up and up or skipping over the entire sector until things improve (which they may never) or go work for a real wage in the form or employement or self-employment.

    We have this problem in Canada now too, but the above poster was the U.K.... this kind of <b>shill for sheckles</b> has been around, they probably end up picking on the morality and sensibilities of "employees" who believe in the legitimacy of their purported employers.

    In the US, see Craigslist Ads for "unpaid hedge fund intern" There are plenty. And you can guess, Stevie hasn't got no interns cleaning the shark tank.
  9. Whoa, what negativity. I pray you are no correct and there are still some honest HF's out there that will give me a chance.

  10. This discription does not entail what you'd expect when hearing "hedgefund job". In fact giving it that discription gives it the odour of a bate and switch. Also take note of the contingent "may" in the sentence that tells you that they may give you an additional 20% in firm's capital to your own equity.

    So if you accept this unsalaried position they just "may" give you 3000 pounds of their capital, profit sharing conditions not mentioned. If this is what you're willing to do then you might just as well sit on Canary Warf with a sign that says "will trade for food".
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