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  1. I'm looking to find a bunch of books written by ex or current hedge fund managers. I reckon its the quickest way for me at least to turn a profit is reading from the guys whove done it all and proven it. 80% of the investing stuff out there is just plain junk. I will exclude memoirs like pit bull (schwartz) or Neiderhoffer's 300page dick waving.

    i've currently got:

    Vic Sperandeo: trader vic I and II

    Crabel: day trading price patterns

    Seth Klarman: margin of safety.

    If anyone has any suggestions of other trading titles written by guys who have had proven track records i'd like a list so that i can start building up a library

    thanks :D
  2. surely must be a couple more

    linda bradforde raschke has online posts and stuff but their mostly quite vague to be honest.

    crabel, Vic S so far the onli two who have concrete trading strategies and ideas printed onto their books :(
  3. MGJ


    1. Get all three Market Wizards books by Jack Schwager
    2. Open them up to the Table of Contents, where the chapter titles give the names of the Wizards interviewed
    3. Copy the names of the Wizards onto a sheet of paper
    4. Thumb through the book, find the chapter on each Wizard, and decide whether or not they meet your definition of a "hedge fund guy"
    5. Type the names of the Wizard + hedge fund guys, into the Author box of Amazon dot Com's "Advanced Search" page
    6. Bang! Presto! All the books they ever wrote!

    Amazon dot Com's "Search Inside" feature may let you browse the Table of Contents of the Wizards books without actually buying them. You could experiment and see.
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    Good thinking, MGJ, and someone has already done all the legwork on all 3 Market Wizards books:


    Try again. LBR has co-authored not 1, but 2 books - Street Smarts and ETF Trading Strategies Revealed - that could not be more specific.

    And there are plenty of other HF guys' books, sometimes complete with actual code or pseudocode. Look for books by James Altucher, Mark Conway & Aaron Behle, Igor Toshchakov, to name just a few on my bookshelf.
  5. LBR is a hedge fund manager, are you serious? ---- what is her AUM?


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    The Hedge Fund Edge by Mark Boucher is in my opion the best book out there.

  7. what do u guys think about the book "the ultimate trading guide" hill, lundy pruitt?
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    Have you checked out Timothy Sykes? He had the second best short-biased hedge fund out there for a number of years. I hear hes doing great these days. He is also a personal hero of mine.
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    Those three have seen thousands of trading systems up close. Despite its LOL title and irrationally sticking to 1 contract for all tests (although what else would you expect from Futures Truth?), the book is worth reading and may save you much more time than you'll put into it. You realize, it's got nothing to do with hedge funds guys.

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