Hedge Fund for sale.

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  1. I keep on reading about newbs trying to sell their "spectacular" system to people.


    I'm selling my hedge fund.

    - Office located in the NYC, US.
    - Fund is in Cayman Islands.
    - $100M under management
    - Fund trades US Equities and Futures.
    - Diversified trading models.
    - Annual returned 30% for 5 years.
    - Sharpe Ratio: 2.0.
    - Margin/Equity 15%
    - Fully Automated using FIX.
    - 10 people staff. (5 24 hour Trade Desk, 1 Programmer, 1 Fund Admin., 2 Research, 1 Marketing/Sales)

    ... Now, how much would you buy this business.
  2. Shoot me a PM with your contact details if you are serious about selling. We know a few investors that are buyers of fund management companies.
  3. I would think your investors are in the fund because of the lead manager, once he/she leaves...there goes the fund assets, and then the investor is left with a shell and lots of overhead.
  4. The working staff, developing the trading models, integrating the IT, and keeping the fund's compliance in line are still there.

    The quality of the fund wouldn't be affected.
  5. Tuneman


    aahh the old cayman island tax trick, never ceases to bring a smile to my face.

    God bless the USA and our idiotic tax laws.
  6. Joab


    I have a deal for you!

    If I can get your fund to 100% annual.

    Will you give it to me in 5 years ?
  7. The question is: How much are you willing to sell it for?
    What do YOU think it's worth?
  8. Whats the fund name? I would like to check you out on hedgefund.net.

  9. Are you the broker for thornybird's blown up S&P fund ?
  10. Call me old fashioned TGG, but I am struggling here.

    Your staff do all the work while you do the banking!!!

    I will offer one dollar to kick you off one ebay.
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