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  1. TraderSV


    Looking for buyer to accquire a Wall Street HF firm.
    It was incorporated in Delaware in March 2017
    It also comes with two brokerage(IB and TD) and bank account with full global margin trading privileges and a Wall Street Address.
    All the tax returns like the Form 5472 are filed. And from 1st January 2018 the LLC made an election with the IRS to be taxed as C-Corp to simplify the owner's tax return(me).
    It also had regulatory clearances from the NFA, filed an exemption for a CPO fund(Costs 60-70k to get it done properly) to raise funds and comes with lists of HNI investors and Institutional Fund seeders and investors.

    Also comes with a platform to demonstrate performance and get capital allocation from investors.
    International buyer also invited.
    Running cost - $1000 p.a.

    Asking Price $30000.

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  2. Robert Morse

    Robert Morse Sponsor

    Part of Hedge fund formation, AML, account approvals etc is the manager. How can you sell this and still be complaint?
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  3. TraderSV


    Selling the LLC,
    It HAD regulatory approval, isn't active now.
    Also didn't have any clients, just a structure, consultants sell this too.
    Please read again
  4. 0008


    stop taking drug dude :D:D:D:D:D
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  5. TraderSV


    The deal is legit.:thumbsup:
  6. Banjo


    You're attempting to sell a box of Cheerios with no Cheerios in it. You've come to the right place.:D
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  7. TraderSV


    Welcome to the World of Wall Street.
  8. newwurldmn


    A box of Cheerios with no Cheerios in it but possibly has anthrax.

    Who would buy an LLC and absorb all the legal liabilities that LLC might have in it?
  9. TraderSV


    Nah, Only has brokerage accounts, it's all clean.
    Still Empty box of Cheerios. With potential to make it into big back of Ben & Jerry Tub.:cool:
  10. Lol, comedian of the week!
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