Hedge Fund Fantasy Art

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  1. I have come out of a 3 month posting fast to share this with my friends here.

    http://www.amandaputty.com/Putty Site/Home.html

    For anybody that cares. I have found my zone.....And things are as good as one can ask for in this biz.

    Below find 7 years of trading do`s and do nots that work for me.

    Stay humble.
    Take what they give you.
    Cut the losers fast.
    Never risk more than 2% of principal on any one trade.
    The market has no emotions, so neither should you.
    Price is just price...It is never personal.
    Buy upside breaks and sell downside breaks.
    Wait until price confirms your direction.
    And last but not least...when you are happy with current performance is most likely when you will have a DD...

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    See you in...well who knows..