Hedge Fund Clarium Capital Declines August, Biggest Monthly Loss

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    The guy was 4-1 levered, betting in a crowded trade then gets caught in a sell-off, loses money but is still up a lot for the year. this just goes to show how risk management can make a huge difference, I bet ospraie would be holding the trade to this day expecting the market agree with the research they fell in love with

  2. In ten words or less, somebody please tell me what a "clarium" is! :confused:
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    A second-generation histamine H1 receptor antagonist used in the treatment of allergic rhinitis and urticaria. Unlike most classical antihistamines it lacks central nervous system depressing effects such as drowsiness.
  4. Just as I suspected, all of the "good" names for hedge funds have been used up. :cool:
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    not to worry. the market will take care of the situation.
  6. no they haven't, I'm close to opening up my fund soon named Bukkake Capital
  7. Tit Tickler Capital coming soon!
  8. Why the hell would these guys bet that the foreign currencies would gain on the dollar last month??? All that data is pointing to a dramatic global slowdown with Europe and Britain leading the pack. That was a foolish , foolish mistake for such a large and capitalized fund to make.
  9. All of the stupid phamaceutical sounding names are really getting long in the tooth. Clarium, claritin? And what the hell is Altiris supposed to mean? Stoopid!

    You can have the Load, No-Load, and the ultra-exclusive Front End Load funds to choose from!
  10. makes you laugh.

    made his million designing the paypal logo and setting it up.

    the guy thought he was a market trader.

    obviously not.

    wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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