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  1. Wow, it was very nice of you guys to talk so much about me and my fund in the Hedge Fund TV Show Thread -- reading through all the posts, I've definitely been entertained all day long.

    I wish I could comment on/correct the misguided posts, but alas, my tiny little fund is still in business so I must refrain.

    However, you've inspired me to create this Hedge Fund Book thread because today I finished my upcoming book, "An American Hedge Fund", in which I detail my entire trading / hedge fund / reality show journey. Finally, you'll be able to judge me based on my actual trading philosophies and experiences, rather than from a few video clips that were edited into an entertaining TV show.
  2. looking forward to reading your book, TS. very creative idea on your part, nice going!

  3. Do you have a website? What is the name of your fund and your YTD performance?
  4. Welcome to ET Tim. You'll find that just about everyone here is a genius trader! Myself included. :D

    Good to have you on board and looking forward to your posts.
  5. why's he playing a piano ?
  6. It's a dual screen monitor setup in his hedge fund office/living room.
  7. In that case, it looks like it's time for his Executive Assistant / Mother to pass by and clean up a little.
  8. LMAO!!! :D
  9. From Tim's amazon.com page:

    Profile for Timothy Sykes
    Timothy Sykes

    In my own words
    After trading from my home for eight years, the reality show "Wall Street Warriors" I starred in, inspired thousands of traders, fund managers, and investors to contact me seeking advice. I realized there were millions of people who don't have the faintest clue about stock trading and hedge funds. They needed to be taught from an unbiased industry insider.

    I have put everything I believe into my upcoming book, "An American Hedge Fund," that tracks my rise from college student to millionaire/wannabe hedge fund manager/reality TV star, and CNBC commentator.

    Within 4 years, I turned $12k into $2 million, but this is no "How To" book--I aim to inspire people to believe they can learn how to trade and teach them about the realities of the stock market and startup hedge fund world.

    Financial speculation is great for everyone because if you win, you're richer, and if you lose, you're wiser. Its a win-win and a much better deal than casinos. Speculators are the true national heroes because we risk everything for what we believe in and this quality is what makes our country great.
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