hedge fund blow up !

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SethArb, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. MrDinky


    Interesting... if that's true they might have made their money back today.

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  2. omcate



    People have short memories. Ego always wins. The collapse of two famous hedge funds: LTCM and D. E. Shaw in late 1998 are much bigger warning signs than this.

    :( :( :(
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  3. most of the CTA's are still around who aply turtle trading or turtle like trend following.....I wonder why no one is talking about that?
    News like this make everyone look bad or crooked.
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  4. corvus


    They should really come up with a new name...hedge fund is somewhat of a misnomer.
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  5. nitro


    The "hedge" in Hedge Funds is a misnomer. I would say that less than half of all "Hedge" Funds are Long/Short Neutral, let alone more complicated hedged strategies.

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  6. JayS



    Shorting Japanese banks.
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  7. Word.
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  8. garbo


    Could this be related to that thread about how to lose $1,000,000 as quickly as possible?

    Maybe the thread originator was actually gearing up to lose 300 million, and didn't want to reveal the whole truth...
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  9. Yeah, but it sounds a whole lot better than "Las Vegas Craps Fund" :)
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  10. I have always been under the impression that hedge funds were run by experienced wall street veterans with a long track record fo success for the most part.
    With all the layoffs on wallstreet in the last 1 1/2 years, and more to come, I have heard of a bunch of traders lately getting together to "form a hedge fund"... It kind of scares me thast these people think they can pool their $$ and others $$ and make a go of it in this type of market. Most of these people know nothing of risk mgt. and aspects of portfoliko mgt,

    I guess my popint is that the term hedge fund is quickly losing credibilty in my eyes as everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and forming their own...
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