Hedge Fund Billionaire Buys Florida Mansion for $111 million, Setting State Record

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    Hedge Fund Billionaire Buys Florida Mansion for $111 million, Setting State Record (CNBC)
    Hedge fund billionaire Steven Schonfeld and his wife bought a sprawling Palm Beach estate for $111 million, making it the most expensive home ever sold in Florida. Schonfeld, founder of New York-based Schonfeld Strategic Advisors, closed Tuesday on the 6-acre estate known as La Reverie, according to a spokesman. The estate, sold by hair-care mogul Sydell Miller, has more than 70,000 square feet of living space, with 11 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, a bowling alley, salon, spa, ice cream stand and candy parlor. It had been listed for $200 million.
  2. Not reported: the mansion is owned by 80 offshore companies.
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    With a net worth of 1.3B, this is like someone with net worth $1M buying a house for $85K. Seems reasonable.
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  4. "and his wife" Yeah, I'm sure they split the bills.
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    22 bathrooms?...Excessive, why would anybody need anymore than 18.
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    And the guy will prolly just pee outside on the lawn when he wakes up from his bender and has a cigarette.
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    Umm, no, the guy just spent 10% of his net worth on something he doesn't need. This is the folly of being super-wealthy
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    Who are you to judge another man's needs? :)
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    It's not like he's going to run out of $ (probably). Why not enjoy some of it?
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    "Something he doesn't need?" With that level of wealth, there are no needs - only things you desire.
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