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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Aaron, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. Aaron


    Can anyone recommend any other hedge fund accounting packages other than:

    <li>Pool Accountant by Futures First</li>
    <li>Trade Depot by Technicom Inc.</li>
    <li>Advent Partner by Advent</li>
  2. JayS


    Just ordered Trade Depot by Technicom Inc, looks like it will fit my needs the best.

    Anyone used this software?

    The guy I spoke with seemed to know his stuff.

    I'm gonna the try Access 7 relational database (Trade Depot 3) instead of the MSDE SQL server 2000 (Trade Depot 4).

    Citron Futures
  3. ktm


    Trade Depot here too. Sorry Aaron.
  4. ellokn


    I do not know if this meets hedge fund reporting needs and I have no personal experience with the product, but you might want to look at DMAXX.


    Hope this helps.
  5. DMAXX looks good. Anyone know its cost?
  6. ellokn


  7. hey we can all get our hedge fund sht together here! :D

    regarding accting software: the concept of entering one (investor's) account, then a few months later entering another at another dollar amount, then another later at still another dollar amount - all having different lock-up maturity periods..................


    so then you have 20 of them or 43 of them, whatever... I would think this would cause a nightmare to keep track of who gets what %-wise.

    just a nightmare.

    any feelings on this?

    (thanks for the post, OddTrader.)