Hedge against the IRS?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by lundy, Jun 12, 2002.

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    There are a few credits out there, but I would put most of them under the more trouble than they are worth section of my yellow-pad.

    For instance if you wanted to rehab slum properties in some areas and then rent the properties to junkies who would un-rehab them for you may qualify for a tax credit.

    If you wanted to hire one of those junkies to do trades for you, that may qualify for a credit.

    If you find like me, the most enjoyable thing about working from home is knowing that no one is going to walk into your office 5 seconds after you make a batch of air biscuits. Well if you can bottle the stuff (im trying) you may get an alternative fuel credit.

    I understand Dennis Kowlowski free to discuss some of his tax saving techniques as well.

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  2. Unfortunately the gun method doesn't get you out of paying taxes in your final year either, the rat-bastards (IRS) go after the deceased. :D

    Final tax return and estate if necessary........

    Man does the IRS suck or what????????
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  3. That is the easy part; getting away with it is the hard part ...
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