Heavy Selling in SPY,QQQ,DIA,IWM on Friday Nov. 13

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by smile, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. smile


    Heads up, Friday Nov. 13, 2015 saw heavy selling in all the major indexes with all but IWM closing very near the lows of the day.

    All indexes showed volume greater than average volume indicating heavy selling.

    Thursday Nov. 12 also showed a sell-off but on about average volume.
  2. Autodidact


    On top of that most likely you get a substantial gap down due to Paris terror attacks.

    However, all part of a pullback that should be bought (long term) to catch the second mouse that will make new highs as a position trader.
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  3. long term? what's that like 50 years?

    the top is near if not already reached
  4. ktm


    We were up the day after the London bombings.
  5. Autodidact


    Ok smart ass.

    How much you wanna bet we make all time highs in SPX and NDX in 15 or 16 ?
  6. gambling is a 0 sum game, so is predicting where the market will be 1 year from now

    but you seem to have a crystal ball, or seem to think that bear markets don't exist? i can't argue with a fortuneteller or a madman
  7. Autodidact


    Bear markets certainly exist, but we arent in one.
  8. Chubbly


    I agree. Things are looking up which is why the Fed wants to hike rates. We just had 6 straight weeks of gains in the S&P500 and 1 week down. How is that a Bear market
  9. Autodidact


    Yes but in the mind of an ET noob, the world is ending, they think a bull market constitutes 200 green bars in monthly chart anything else is a top or overbought.
  10. Chubbly


    Of course we can predict where the market will be in a year from now WITHIN a certain probability. All you need to do is look at the SPX Option Chain one year from today. If you don't believe/understand the math behind options pricing models you do so at your own peril.
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