Heavy Hitters in Pro Firms

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  1. Hey I'm looking for a mentor and thinking about trading in an office or something.

    Who are the heavy hitters at the major firms?

    ECHO, Bright, WorldCO , and so forth.

    What would it take to get trained by one of them?

  2. We have a few qualified "mentors" - but the $Million /year people simply don't need/want to take the time to train people....but will help out in our training program for us!!

    That is why we take the burden at a corporate level in Las Vegas. Been offered $10K a week for training individuals, but can't take the time out to give good value on a "one on one' basis....

    Some of our mentors love to help, however and do well.

  3. Pound


    Does that statement imply that you have been offered ten thousand per week to train individuals?

    Just wanted to clarify.

  4. Make me an offer...
  5. No disrespect intended whatsoever Don. However, I must say that I find it Very hard to believe that you cannot find the time to
    make a guaranteed extra 10k for a week's worth of training.

    Moreover, if such is the case, then you Must be the most busy daytrader I've heard of....

    in which case you might consider getting a day job from 8 to 5 with weekends off......... :D


  6. He is very busy counting his money and posting away on these boards...:D
  7. This has happened, and I of course cannot take someone up on it due to my committments to the Firm. This is not "ego" talking, quite the contrary, I try to do my best to help others in a better learning environment. Taking a week, any week, and trying to encapsulate enough training to be useful is tough. We do it to larger groups of new traders, and then they need months of practice to get good.

    The point is that no-one can "teach" anyone to trade....we can only teach "about" trading, what works, what doesn't (from our current group of successful traders, and our experience). I could spend 3 months with some people and they would still lose money...and some would pick it up in a few days.

  8. Oh come on, Don!! Roll around in the snake oil!! Take the 10k and make your new ET handle "guru."

  9. Gee, and I spend all this time traveling trying to help people for a lousy $299 on the "Snake Oil Tour".....:)

    (Blatant Promotion: Seattle July 13, San Diego July 20)....


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    Next thing you're going to see is a trader on EBay offering his personal training services. He'll post audited records from his brokerage account showing that he can walk the talk. Then he'll wait for the highest bidder.
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