Heaven is a fairy tale, says physicist Hawking

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    I'll risk intruding on the thread since it appears your mind is already decided on the matter.

    Please consider for a moment, that human awareness only comprises a tiny subset of the total universe of knowledge. Outside of our awareness lay vast oceans of undiscovered metaphysical truth that certainly dwarfs in size that which we already know. For any person to make bold declarations of what exists (or doesn't exist) outside of our tiny enlightened sphere, is arrogance. That's why, at the very least, an intelligent person can't be any less than agnostic on the matter of God. Simply because, Man has no way of knowing whether God exists in the vast uncharted depths we haven't explored.
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    What is his IQ anyway? Just so I'll know if it's OK to comment.

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    Blue skies, water, animals, fellow people, vegetables, flowers, clouds, wind, rain, snow..etc...we are living in heaven.
  4. Actually, Business insider had a special not so long on people with high IQ's and Hawking 'only' had one of 160 or so.

    I am not an expert on the matter but I don't think that will rank you as the smartest guy in the world I think.

    Anyway, there were others with many higher then 160 in the list.
  5. It was more or less a joke. I just posted the topic because I guess in a way it has more place for discussion when someone like Hawking comes out with such a point of view then when I or you take sides in this debate.

    He also believes in extraterrestrial life by the way but I guess I should put that in another thread.
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    Ooooh 160 is going to count me out of this thread. On a side note, does having a higher than average IQ guarantee someones opinion is always correct?

  7. Why did you leave out the ''crispy creams''? .:p .
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    Guess i missed that one.. :p I always thought it ironic that staunch evolutionists dismiss the idea of aliens. Seems they'd be the most inclined to acknowledge that in a universe that's as infinitely big as it is old?
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