Heaven has a new Angel

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  1. Katie Seaman, a courageous 9 year old little girl lost her battle with brain cancer yesterday. She was diagnosed about a year ago with an inoperable brain tumor. Katie was a class act all the way and her struggle was chronicled with a site called "Pray for Katie Seaman" maintained by friends. I never had the privilege of meeting this incredible person, but I am deeply saddened by her passing. Say a prayer for her young family, and take a moment to think about your own loved ones. My fervant prayer is that soon this scourge called cancer will be eradicated for good.

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  2. "Precious to the Lord is the death of one his saints..." Ps 116:15
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    Katie loved bright happy colors. This one is for you Katie.:)

    ps. If you are up there clicking around and find this, welcome to ET!! It's a place where a bunch of people who like to trade come to meet. Sometimes it gets a little rowdy, but for the most part these are a great bunch of Fellas. If you see my old friend Brutus up there, tell him the squirells and rabbits are glad he's gone, but I really miss him.

  4. Done..........
  5. I have a cure for cancer.

    There is a noxious weed, grows in australia (presumably elsewhere) its quite difficult to miss-it's seed pods grow into something resembling a sea urchin, a big fist size spiny ball of thorns, its terrible for sheep and cattle, the pods stick to wool/fur, and if livestock step on one, usually blood poisoning, nasty stuff.

    However, there is a compound in this plant, that when combined with a current chemo drug, produces an extraordinarily high cure rate. As in, 80%+.

    Hasn't been properly tested, as far as I know.

    This is not a joke, far as I know this came from some "other" intelligence, god, whatever, don't know personally.

    Yes, I'm aware what reaction these kind of claims normally bring, but get over yourself already, and do some damn research.

    But if your praying already, then, check this shit out, because you are obviously clutching at straws in some forlorn hope.
    It's the real deal, I have no reason to believe it isn't, not with the other proven intel backing it up.
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  7. stu


    Apparently acronym, languishing in this kind of mawkish superstitious sentimentality is cure enough for many people. Though it does nothing practical to assist medical science - the only thing which ever made real difference - sanctimoniousness obviously satisfies their own self-righteous pompous notions they are doing something.

    Wasting time in resorting to feeble acts of prayer through one way conversations with a make-believe magical god which is supposed to have created disease and hides the cure, is actually not doing anything for any child.

    Is this the same mindset that eventually encourages people to say these things about sick children? .....
    "Heaven gets another Angel".
    It's sickening.
    "Heaven" has no right .

  8. No dude, on this matter I'm dead serious.

    I have survived no less than 3 counts of attempted murder, and i'm telling anyone who will listen , that this is the real deal.

    The "actual" cure for cancer.
    The cops didnt beleive me back in 85/6 when I told them about the russell street bombing.
    Thats because they are ass-hats.

    No, I'm actually serious, not that anyone will listen.
  9. stu


    ...about the information and understanding you have in regard to a cure, I am certain you are serious.
    I’m sure there are many new and previously impossible applications through the development of what are basically natural substances. These things and more will no doubt be forthcoming , thanks to the possibilities in scientific progress.

    But that's the point.
    Anyone who is being serious would realize cancer will only , and can only, be cured then eradicated by science. Not preposterous prayer ritual.

    The religious apparently in a thread like this one for example, are content to wallow in displays of self-absorbed sanctimonious indulgence rather than to first call or push for a cure.

    In my view religion will in that way render a society generally incompetent if it's not kept in check.
    Resting on futility , the gushingly effusive emotional outburst "Heaven has a new Angel" has their imaginary friend making everything alright because a child died.
    Or in some cases trying to turn culture at large against finding solutions because some part crosses with their ridiculous infantile beliefs.

    Thank goodness there are scientists who will not be relying on nauseous chain letters covered in cutesy prayer to see if there is a basis for treatment that can be found in the way you mention.
  10. prayer.lol. where is the outrage at a god that would put a girl through this just so he can hear his subjects beg for a cure that he promises to answer but in the end refuses to do so.

    Epicurus: Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?
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