Heat wave proves that Global Warming is real?

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  1. They are record highs, as far as I know
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    Fooled by randomness once again.
  5. And record cold temps in many places last winter proved what...?
  6. When we have only been keeping track of temperatures for the last 100 years, its pretty easy to break records all the time. You have 365 days each year to break a record. Theres always a good chance that at least a couple times a year we are going to break a record for hot or cold sometime during the year.
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    And your wisdom precedes you.
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  9. What about the record low high temperatures elsewhere in the USA?

    Maybe you would like to explain how global warming gives a high for the day of 103 in Philadelphia and only a high of 65 for San Diego, which is well South of Philadelphia.

    Record low temperatures in San Diego County

    "This is July?

    It didn't feel that way as high temperatures were at record lows in San Diego County today, says the National Weather Service. It was quite a contrast from the East Coast, where such big cities as New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore experienced record highs.

    A trough of low pressure and a thick marine layer kept most of the western half of the county cloaked in clouds for much of the day.

    The temperature only reached 62 degrees in Oceanside Harbor. The record "low high" for this date is 65. That record was set in 2002. The harbor averages a high of 74 degrees this time of year."

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