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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Eldredge, May 27, 2004.

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    I have been out of touch for a while, and could use some recommendations. I am looking for a vendor or provider that offers custom heat maps. I would like to be able to enter my own set of stocks and vary the number of days used to create the chart. Intra-day is not necessary as long as I can update the current day in real time. Thanks for any help.
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    This is all I could find:


    I'm thinking to build my own heat map in VB using eSignal feed.

    Could you share your thoughts on what do you think the "ideal" heat map should do?

    I'll try to create this map and will share it with ET members.

    Could be a nice weekend project!

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    Maybe this could be a good starter for programming something in VB or VBA with Excel: http://www.senorjosh.com/archives/2003/04/heatmap_tool_vba.shtml

    From the site:
    I developed this tool while working at Harvard Institutes of Medicine, in order to visualize the expression leves of genes on DNA microarrays. It is an MS Excel macro that takes a table of numbers and turns it into a colored heatmap, where the brightness/hue is proportional to the size of the number. For example:

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I think this is a good chart: http://stockcharts.com/charts/carpet.html I just wish they had more historical data. Other than that it seems pretty good. Good luck with your project, I would be interested in seeing what you do (I don't have any real programming skills). Thanks again. Any other suggestions?
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    My best recommendation for Eldredge is to use an Excel plugin available from Panopticon Software. It integrates fully with Excel and allows you to create any number of heat maps from data in Excel spreadsheets. Each heat map ends up on its own spreadsheet. This is a tool using real tree map technology, where both size, color and grouping matters (which is not the case in the products of previously mentioned companies).

    For example, if you have live feed from Bloomberg, Thomson or Reuters pulled into Excel with queries, that data can be the basis of your heat map. The tool lets you customize fully how you want the data to be displayed in the heat map, i.e. categorizations, options for the color and size dimension, amount of info in popups and so on. The best of all is that the heat map updates live, in real-time, automatically and continously.

    The evaluation version is fully functional and free of charge. The only thing is a transparent watermark superimposed on each heat map. The built in wizard and a couple of sample data files let you experience you get started in minutes. You can download it from http://www.panopticon.com/spreadsheetmapper
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    stenevang and agrau,

    Thanks for the input, I have been out of touch for a few days. I'll check out your recommendations. Thanks again.
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