Heat goes on: Earth headed for warmest year on record

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  1. The planet notched its warmest October ever, continuing on its track for the warmest year on record as global warming continues unabated, scientists announced Thursday.

    Fueled by unusually torrid oceans, the global temperature year-to-date is 1.22 degrees above the 20th-century average, NOAA reported.

    "This is what we'd expect from increased greenhouse gases," said NOAA climate scientist Deke Arndt, referring to the cause of the planet's unusual warmth. Scientists say the burning of coal, oil and gas traps heat, changing the climate.

    2014 is on target to beat 2010 and 1998, the previous warmest years since records began in 1880.

    One of the only places globally having a colder-than-average year in 2014 is eastern North America, scientists said. However, the USA represents just 2% of the planet's surface, so what's happening there is far from representative of the entire globe, Arndt said.

    Worldwide, five of the last six months have set monthly heat records — July being the only exception. Last month also marked the 38th consecutive October — and the 356th month in a row overall — with a global temperature that was above average. The last below-average global temperature for October was in 1976.

    NASA and Japan's weather agency, which monitor global temperatures, also called it the hottest October on record. The trend extended to the USA, as well, which notched its fourth-warmest October, NOAA said.

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  4. Too bad that the raw global temperature data from HadCRUT disagrees that 2014 will be the warmest year on record.

    The actual temperature records at NOAA show the warmest year on record occurred in the 1930s. Any recent year is not even close. I think the scientists at NOAA need to double check their raw temperature data and stop pushing climate politics.
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    NASA is in on the conspiracy, too.

    "14.11.2014 12:32 Age: 7 days

    "NASA data shows October 2014 as the warmest October in its record following the record September and record August earlier this year and putting 2014 on course to be the hottest year in the history of global surface temperature measurement which date back to 1880."

  6. Da Nile is a river in Egypt. And no the warmest year was not in the 30's.
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    I have read 1934 was the hottest year in the US.
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    It was the hottest year on Mars too, coincidentally.

  9. Correct.

    But this shows the kind of "facts" that the deniers have in their little heads. No wonder they are confused.
  10. Link?

    That would be surprising since solar output has been going down for forty years.

    Or are you just speaking out of your ass again? (rhetorical question, of course you are)
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