Heartland Securities

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by cbstrader, Nov 19, 2002.

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    Any opinions on this firm from past/present traders?
  2. The only thing I heard of them, is that they pay a salary in the beginning. As far as training and rates I don't know.
  3. I'd like to know if their watcher platform still gives them an edge in nasdaq stocks these days or if it has evaporated over time.

    I know pre-supermontage, supersoes, etc....i.e. back the heyday it was THE platform for nasdaq stocks.

    these days? (with most long since shifted to listed or trading a hybrid where if you trade the SOX.X you in TXN and KLAC as well.)

    it's one of the few platforms I haven't used, but I did trade next some traders that used it in 99/00 and when the firm I was at was bought and they tried to wien (sp?) the traders that used it from it. They promptly left saying, it's not a commission issue, we can't trade without this thing.

    Redwood traders, you use it right? speak up.

  4. I know that if you email to them or leave a message 2 - 3 times nobody gets in touch with you anyway. Maybe it just me. Is it hard to get or do not care ?
  5. I used it too back in 2000. I agree that it was considered the fastest execution platform for Nasdaq trading. No mouse clicking no charts, just (at the time) Level 2 and some other ancillary stuff. Broadway (now owned by Schonfeld) replaced it for some reason with the "Mach" platform which at first, traders hated but then grew to like. As for these days? FYI..
  6. Just an educated guess, but Broadway probably was tired of paying Josh a gizillion dollars to use the outdated platform.