heartland sec. any comments?

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    i was wondering if anybody has anything to say about heartland sec. there are no comments yet on the firm and as far as i understood it is a big firm. so i was curious to know if others had good or bad experiences there.
    as always any input is appreciated.

    good luck

  2. they are without question number one, the best in the business.

    i strongly recommend them without hesitation or reservation.

    and i further recommend that all you elite traders switch over within the next two weeks, because they pay me on the fifteenth.
  3. Pound


  4. toast
  5. that was a JOKE, for any of the sarcasm impaired...fortunately the ranks of self promoters have thinned out lately...
  6. Maybe the handle Pound is not from shorting Priceline, but from one too many poundings.

    I was referring to Heartland being...
  7. I met with the HR for Heartland and he was very helpful and I would have to say that the firm is top notch. The HR was pretty honest, not currently hiring due to the economy, they have pretty strict hiring standards, no up front capital needed and they pay a 40,000 base salary ... almost unheard of for prop. firms. All in all I was impressed and hope to work there in the future. The only negative was that the trading floor environment was not as professional as ETG, but better compared to Worldco etc.

    that strategy is now extinct as computerized scalping has eliminated most manual traders
  9. I am not an expert on prop firms, but it is obvious to a sceptical thinker like myself that most of them are really just brokerage firms trying to scrape off the most profitable cream of the retail business by telling their customers that they have a "job". A job is when you get base pay and benefits and no investment is required. Anything else is at best a "business opportunity". If heartland really pays a base salary and requires no "deposit" then they are allready better than most.

  10. I agree, not extinct but definitely moribund, little meat left on that bone. There will always be scalpers- the best of them are hardier than cockroaches- but only a small fraction will survive let alone thrive
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