heart not in it....ideas?

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  1. can some of you guys please advise....a brief history of my career.

    started prop trading for a firm in 2001.

    did well.

    2 years later left to go self-employed on a much better deal.

    did well.

    average £100k/year.

    i now seem to have lost all motivation for day trading. haven't lost any money - been out of the market for a while and just come back to it.

    i just feel my heart's not in it...and i'm not sure i want to go on with living life month to month and relying on the whims of the market.

    true, my markets have become infinitely harder...but i feel i have adapted as best i can, and have hit a brick wall...i.e. not making more money - just enough to tread water. tried bigger size / smaller size etc.

    anyway - it's not the market that's the problem - it's my attitude. i'm 30 this year. is this a factor?

    so my question / request for advice is this...

    what did anyone else do when they got to this stage...did they push on through - dedicate themselves fully - and come out the other side?

    or did you do something completely different?

    fyi - i have a good econ degree from a top british uni - fully fsa and eurex reg'd. made some tentative calls to recruitment companies (thinking broking/sales type roles) who all said the same thing - no chance with an institution because you've been a prop trader (which seems a bit unfair?!)

    this isn't a sob story. true, i do feel slightly bitter that friends of mine with lesser qualifications and market knowledge are raking in big bucks at banks. i could carry on doing this job and have an average income for the forseeable future...but, like i say, it seems that my heart's just not in it.

    any ideas where to go?

    ps - sorry for rambling on!!
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    go buy a Ferrari. It will restore your heart beat.
  3. I'm your age and started at the same time, but am still trading well. You need to ease into it and try and make 1-2K a day until your confidence and drive are back. Then be aggressive.
  4. I agree with tums, that is if you have that kind of disposable income :D
  5. Yeah. 1-2k a day is laid back and relaxed

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    if I could make 1-2k a day trading.... it seems to me that with your knowledge and skills you're qualified for a managerial position, what about currency trading brokers? It's a new area for retail trade and very exciting
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    Hi Squadron Leader,

    Work without love is slavery. ---Mother Teresa

    I'm fifity and My advice to you is:

    set aside ten minutes per day for the next two weeks

    open your word processor

    each day make a list of approx. a dozen things / careers / causes or such that you feel you could be happy about spending the next thirty years doing - don't worry if you can't see yourself doing anything for that amount of time

    don't consider how difficult or rare it is to make it big in that industry ... don't consider what it cost money wise or time wise [education] to get in ... don't consider what your friends will think of your new direction [even if it's a guide on a whitewater raft, a songwriter or mentoring young traders in the philippines in your own prop shop or getting into ecommerce or web publishing]

    don't be concerned if your list only has five or so items instead of my suggested dozen

    hopefully each day's list will be much like the day's before ... you may delete some items to only add them once again a day or two later

    don't worry about the order or preference of the items just work on finding five to a dozen things that you are pasionate about

    don't list providing for your family - that's a given and you can make a get-by [living] doing a number of things

    naked you came into this world and naked you will go out, might as well live life intentionally doing something you are passionate about

    at the end of your two weeks take your final list and mark off all the items but your favorite three]

    think about those three for three days [in your idle time] and go with the one that captures your heart

    My child wants to be a writer. I tell her that she can do it and do it well. But i also tell her that she needs to be prepared to work in another field for as long as it takes ... at the same time she is writing ... until such a time as she becomes well known.

    Imagine doing something you looked forward to more than going on vacation and then go do it:)

    if i can be of more help just reply or pm me
  8. My suggestion is try to find a change of scenery. Im under the impression you dont have a lot of personal contact with others in the business. Keeping in contact with others in this business keeps it exciting. No two days are ever the same in the market. After i blew out my first trading stake i took up learning to play poker. Now I still love poker but I hit a point where poker lost its interesting part so i started talking with my poker buddies more often and things got much better. I was revitalized.

    Hope this helps.

    Have a great weekend.
  9. live out of your backpack and travel throughout the caribbean. You will come out refreshed and have a new perspective on things.
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    Apply direct and bypass recruitment companies. Were you trading eurex spreads?
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