Hearing Chicago MERC trader commited suicide after blowing out

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by nitro, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. nitro


    I am hearing of people dropping like flies and blowing their accounts. You are not alone and it happens to anyone.

    I beg of people in trouble, no amount of money lost is worth your life, even if you see no exit plan out of money trouble.

    You may not see alternatives, but give it a year.

    :( nitro :(
  2. I'm still winning. Had to design a new system for the new price action, but I'm green. And the tallest building around here is only two stories. :D
  3. I predicted suicides a month ago.

    Surprised there aren't more,

    This is brutal for the average shmuck that thinks they know something.
  4. Nobody cares. Stop just talking about yourself.

    Furthermore there is no room for smiley faces in a thread about a trader that ended his life.

    You should be ashamed
  5. nitro


    You are either dead inside, or cold as ice.

    Either way, you are insensitive.

  6. Daal


    what a waste of a merc membership
  7. Like I said, nobody gives a shit about what you make.

    You're truly pathetic.. and if you are indeed German, then your comments and disregard on a human's death goes a long way in explaining the holocaust.

    You make me sick.
  8. eagle


    Alright, we got your message. So you want to assure ET that you won't commit suicide in this turbulent time. Great.

  9. You are a very stupid person.

  10. None of you dumbasses got it. I'm shocked. Most on ET have more than the average grey matter, but you set in this thread are putrid. The point was to remind you that you know how to make money in any market, up or down, and that you can sit and sulk like a fem wimp or you can be a man and make money. But that thought slipped right by you to bemoan a corpse and support the notion that misery loves company. The dead don't feel your pity. But your minds are made up, so you ahead, sit there and cover your head in ashes, you asses. End of comment.
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